Books: An Abridged Existence (excerpt)

Sid quickly tires of looking at the wall, and turns his attention to the floor. It is a hideous shade of light purple. A color that just screams “Look at me, I’m ugly” to all those unfortunate souls who happen to glance down at it. Perhaps the color is intentionally a deterrent, to keep people from looking at the floor for various reasons. There are many interesting stains discoloring the floor here and there. Many of these stains circle a small drain in the floor. Sid devises a simple game to spend his time. He looks at a stain on the ground, and tries to guess what the substance could be that caused the stain. He played this game for a whole five minutes, until he became stuck on a stain that has several different tones, and seems splattered along the floor, going towards the drain. He also tires of this game.

Sid lays back down upon the blindingly bright white bed, and stares up at the ceiling. It is beige. What an odd color, he thinks. Actually, this entire room has one messed up color scheme. Beige, gray, and purple. Sid begins to wish he still had juice gluing his eyes shut. He wants to shut out the hideous colors from his mind. He wants to forget the horrible clashing of colors that occur in that very room, with two other people. He wishes he could be like one of his other temporary ward mates. Still sleeping and not being violated by the clashing of the colors. Sid presses his eyes shut tightly and hopes for a sleep to rescue him from the colors of the room. He is soon asleep, and dreaming of horrible, evil, soulless colors.