Books: An Abridged Existence (excerpt)

“So basically they haven’t got a single clue?” Carl retorts.

“Pretty much. But hopefully they’ll have a new place for me to stay sometime next week,” Sid looks at the clock and notices that it is now rather late, and he is feeling rather tired. “I think I’m going to sleep for now. Goodnight, Carl, and thanks for letting me stay here.”

“No problem. I appreciate the company,” Carl says. Little does Sid know that he is about to be the test subject of one of Carl’s many devices. Sid will probably never know, but that would be a bit too quick to judge Sid’s perception. Finally Sid wanders over to his guest bed and falls asleep in a short time.

Carl waits until he is sure that Sid is fully asleep, and switches on a device on one of the walls of his laboratory. He picks up a strange hat, with many antennae protruding from all sides, and goes to his bedroom. Putting on the hat, he also falls asleep.