Greetings, friends and readers. Two novels have been posted in part on this website. The first novel, Books: an Abridged Existence, follows the misadventures of Sid, Jen, and Carl, whom after a chance brush with death find themselves as friends. Aided by a lawyer, and hunted by an undead, they unknowingly explore the meaning of their existence and encounter its end.

The second novel, Welcome To Planet Moon, takesĀ  place in the distant future after a mechanical failure leaves two surviving crew marooned on a desolate wasteland, with an abandonded city beneath the barren surface. Searching for a means of rescue, and encountering the remnants of an advanced civilization, they encounter nothing deep within the dead world.

Feel free to read at your leisure. Both excerpts of both novels go from the start to about halfway through. Copies can be picked up here to find out how they end.

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