Books: An Abridged Existence (excerpt)

However, the giant mechanical fire-breathing dinosaur is not there, and Sid and Carl are free to pass. They come to a wooden and stone bridge, where they are stopped by the one whom has named himself Harold earlier. Harold has an evil look in his eyes, and his mouth is slightly open, exposing his protruding fangs. He seems very terrorizing, and Sid and Carl stop.

“Halt, for you shall come no further along your path. You are both mine!” Harold declares, and he jumps for Sid, grabbing him by the collar, trying to bite his neck. However, Sid manages to slip away from Harold, and is terrified.

Then Carl suddenly finds himself inside a giant mechanical robot. Sid finds a large rock and hides under it. Carl and the vampire have a tremendous duel. Harold flies straight at the giant robot, and Carl controls the robot. The robot smacks down the vampire with such force that the vampire shatters and burst into a fine powder. However, this powder reforms swiftly into the evil Harold, and retaliates against the robot. He tears an arm off and starts beating the robot with its detached appendage. The robot ignites powerful jets, throwing fire in Harold’s face and throwing the robot backwards away from the savage beating. As Harold is recovering from the burning, the robot fires very large cannons at Harold, which rip into the undead fiend shredding his undead body in a very painful and gory fashion covering the area with blood and bits of organ and fragments of bone. However, Harold is far from defeated, and throws a bolt of lava at the robot, hitting it and killing it instantly.

Sid is now left on his own with the vampire. Harold picks up the rock and sees a terrified Sid. Sid starts to run really fast to try and escape the vampire. Sweat is dripping from his every limb, and his heart beats very rapidly. Sid turns around to look behind and sees Harold directly on top of him. Harold lashes out a hand and trips Sid, who falls to the ground. As Harold moves closer and closer to Sid, he says:

“You’re mine, human. There is no place for you to run, no place for you to hide. I shall feast upon your blood!”

Harold’s fangs move closer and closer to Sid’s neck, when suddenly, a loud ringing noise comes from somewhere…

Sid awakens on his bed with a jump, heart still racing. He looks around the room, and it is empty, and just as he left it. He hears a telephone ringing nearby, and decides to ignore it. He thinks that his dream was just a nightmare, but he is somewhat disappointed because he did not get to see how it ended. He goes back to sleep with the hope of dreaming some more. However, he does not get his wish.