Books: An Abridged Existence (excerpt)

Chapter 12

Harold loves the number 12. Everything seems to be on his side when it comes to anything dealing with 12. Whether it is the day of the month, or the month, or the time of day, everything is good for him.

His infatuation first started with the number 12 on his 12th birthday. His friends had planned the wildest surprise party that any elementary school student had ever heard of. All of his 12 friends were there, including Chuck, Jimmy, Mary, Alfred, Rich, Mike, Jessica, Dean, Rob, Chris, Amy, and Mike. He received the best gifts from them, including a 12 inch model airplane, 12 fancy glass marbles, and a 12 gauge shotgun from his parents, although they wouldn’t let him use that one without adult supervision.

After his party, he went on a 12 minute walk through the park with his parents and 12 friends. They stopped by the playground to play a game of tag, and to play on the twelve sets of swings. They also ran around and did various other things for their enjoyment on the playground.

However, his birthday soon faded into the past, and was for the most part forgotten, along with the knowledge that the number 12 was a lucky number for Harold. He passed through high school, and all of the years were rather uneventful, except for his senior year, which turned out to be one of the best years of his life. He didn’t know why, but everything seemed to be going his way. He made the academic team, was the star tennis player, basketball player, and chess champion of the school district. He was even also the prom king, and won a full ride scholarship to one of the best ranked colleges in the nation based on merit, since he was the valedictorian of his graduating high school class.

Then he graduated high school, and moved on to college, which went by fast. After he graduated from college, he had a few failed business ventures. Until at the beginning of his twelfth year out of college, he became good friends with a very influential and powerful person. This powerful person called himself Mr. Black. He took Harold in, and made his personal assistant. However, Harold did not know what Mr. Black truly was.

Mr. Black was a vampire, and had lived for several hundred years. He controlled a large part of the world, and was constantly at war with several other elder vampires for control of the rest of the world. However, Mr. Black did see the potential in Harold, and eventually Harold became the vampiric child of Mr. Black.

One night, Mr. Black was assassinated by a join attack by the other two elder vampires left in the world. However, the two chief elders had only sent henchmen to do the dirty deed. Since Mr. Black was already undead, he had no last words. Upon his ‘death’ he immediately turned to ash, and was blown away in the wind.