Books: An Abridged Existence (excerpt)

“Damn,” Sid says, as he quickly unlocks the door and rushes to the phone.

He pauses and inhales deeply. “Hello,” Sid calmly speaks into the phone.

“Hey Sid, its Jen, how’s it going?” the voice speaks back.

“Bored out of my mind. You?” replies Sid.

“The same. Have you heard from Carl? I keep calling, but no answers,” says Jen.

“Nope. Although I did leave him a message,” Sid replies.

“I’m above messages. He never said anything about screening his calls, so he must just be busy. Want to go to the bookstore to kill some time?” Jen asks.

“What’s at the bookstore?”

“Oh, books,”

“Sounds fun. Can I get a ride?”

“Sure, I’ll be by shortly. Later.”

“Bye,” and Sid hangs up. Since it seems that Carl is not calling back anytime soon, he just leaves and locks the door behind him. He thinks he hears a telephone ring, but decides to ignore it, it is probably someone else’s phone that is ringing rather loudly.

He jumps down the flights of stairs to reach the lobby area of his apartment complex. A car pulls up to the curb. Sid looks through the tinted windows and does not see anything he recognizes. So Sid continues to wait for Jen.

However, the men in the car, who are all dressed in suits, have a different idea. They all get out of the car and approach Sid. He notices that they are all wearing dark sunglasses, have black hats with thick brims, and are extremely pale. One of them asks if he is known as Sid. He said that he is. Sid realizes too late that he has been surrounded by these people in suits. They grab, gag, blindfold, and tie him up. They open up the trunk. There is a already a bound and gagged person who looks like Sid in it, only it appears as though he has not shaved in a while. They pull out the Sid from the trunk, and throw the other Sid inside. They slam the trunk shut, untie, unblindfold, and ungag the Sid from the trunk. He appears to be unconscious. They sit him on the steps leaning against a railing. They then jump into the car and speed away.

End of Excerpt

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