Welcome to Planet Moon (excerpt)

“Well do you mind if we take a look around then to see if we can find what we’re looking for?” Mark asked intensely. His patience was growing thin.

“Yes, by all means look around and you shall find that these caverns which the Gods have given us are all anyone needs to live a good long life. But now is not the time for such wanderings. Come, we must return to the rest of the tribe and spread the good news of your arrival.”

The old priest beckoned them to follow, and started down the corridor. He walked in front while the two brothers followed shortly behind. They had since removed their helmets and were carrying them, and speaking in low voices just out of earshot from Philbert the priest.

“Strange place this Planet Moon,” remarked Mark. “I wonder if all the inhabitants are as cracked, and if we’ll ever find a radio or communication station or anyway off this world before Philbert drives us insane.”

“Well, the worst case scenario from what I’ve seen so far is we never get rescued and live the rest of our lives among these people,” Max responded. “I am actually inclined to play along and see where this takes us. After all, who are we to argue with the perceived will of the Gods?”

They walked the remainder of the way to the Pak Tribe camp in silence, the only sound being the scuffing of their boots on the floor, and the rhythmic tapping of Philbert’s staff on the ground.

The corridor ended, and Philbert rapped thrice on the steel door blocking their path. An unseen viewer gazed out at them and upon recognizing Philbert, opened the door. A large room filled with low lying shacks made from what appeared to be crates and cardboard cluttered the sides along the walls, with an open central common area. Several odd hatches could be seen on a far wall.

As the they crossed beyond the threshold of the door, it slid shut behind them once again. Philbert led them to the center of the village to the clearing. A crowd of villagers formed around and stared at Max and Mark with awe.

A very large man, dressed better than most of the villagers, and carrying a long metal pipe, sharpened at one end, and followed by many other burly men forced their way towards the three recent arrivals to the village.

“This is chief Bill, defender and leader of the Pak tribe,” Philbert informed Max and Mark. “Illustrious Chief Bill, I bring two men, guides sent from the gods, who have entered here from the doorway to the land of the dead. The ancient prophecy has been fulfilled.”