Welcome to Planet Moon (excerpt)

“However, these people we not purely good. They were corrupt, they thought only of themselves and their social status and prestige and their petty wealth. They murdered each other for change, for power, for resources, and any other reason that they could fabricate. This greatly angered the Gods, who decided to strike most of the life from the world, letting their vengeance be an example to those who survived.

“The lights of the world dimmed and faded. The main populace went mad, and rioting occurred. Still the people treated each other poorly. They murdered even more for food and other simple resources. Our tribe was led to salvation by the prophet Jim, who started these oral traditions. Some good people followed us into the light. Many people remained below in the depths neared to the void. They refused to believe that the Gods were angry with them and had caused the chaos. We suffered through many hardships looking for the place of our salvation. It was not until the prophet Jim was fatally wounded by the murderous mad people from near the void who had pursued us that he uttered his first and final prophesy. That prophesy led us to this sacred place, where the gods reward us for our patience as the world is being rid of the evil.”

At this point Mark interrupted Philbert, “How did Jim start these oral traditions if he died before he got to this place?”

After a few seconds to think, for the question threw Philbert off completely, he came up with an answer. “We were wandering the tunnels for quite some time before his death. During which time he started the first tale of what the Gods had done to punish the wicked. Now if you will please hold your questions until after I am done, I shall continue.” Philbert for one did not like at all when someone, even as revered as a guide, interrupted while he was telling a story.

“As Jim lay dying, he said to his son, ‘Our people have wandered long enough. Soon victory shall be ours over these wicked assailants and we shall know peace. travel straight down the tunnel, making no stops to rest nor eat, nor turn down any other routes no matter what lie in your way. There you shall come upon a wondrous cavern. Food and drink shall be abundant, as shall material with which to build shelter. There you will never know hunger as long as you remain there, and you shall be able to repel your enemies.’ After uttering those final words, Jim passed in spirit to the land of the dead beyond the walls of the living.

“Soon the attackers were driven off. Carrying the corpse of Jim with them, they traveled straight down the pathway. Many times the path would be treacherous, filled with broken stone and enchanted walls throwing flecks of fire and sparks.