Welcome to Planet Moon (excerpt)

“What exactly are we looking for?” Doug asked, after following the road with the rest of the party for several hours.

“Well, a communication station essentially, or general stores of sorts,” replied Max. “If we are unable to find an actual station, we might just have to find a store and raid it for parts. Mark and I can build a long range communication device once we find suitable parts.”

“There would logically be a sign or something that would lead us to a place such as that,” Mark added. Unfortunately, not many signs were passed up to this point, which led Mark to secretly believe that someone had either stolen all the signs and used them for their metal or everyone was expected to bring their own map. Since he did not see any long abandoned visitor stations, he did not think the latter had as much chance of being the case.

So far they had not encountered any other peoples on their journey either.

Then they came upon a very large, closed door attached to the wall of the road tunnel.

The door was heavy, and took the coercion of several of the warriors to pry it open. As it slid aside into its wall, it made a horribly loud grinding noise as the un-oiled metal scraped along out of the way. Past the doors was darkness. However, like the apartment, when a brave and curious warrior entered the room, it became suddenly illuminated.

“What are those things?” asked an astonished Philbert.

After looking at the large machines lines neatly in several rows in the room, Max answered. “They appear to be some sort of vehicles of transportation.” He walked over to one and opened the door of the rectangular shaped object. It was stiff from years of neglect. He sat in the comfortable seat, and began pressing buttons. After a while, he gave up trying to start the vehicle and climbed back out of the car.

“They’ve probably been sitting here for several hundred years. I shouldn’t be surprised that they don’t work anymore,” Max said regretfully as he shut the door once more on the dead vehicle. Using these cars would have allowed them to cover more ground more quickly. They would just have to continue to walk. “Let’s go, there’s nothing here for us.”

So they left the parking lot, and failed to notice a nondescript door at the other end of the specialized room, and continued down the road in the same direction. Another long period of travel passed, and not one side tunnel was encountered, nor were any more doors encountered either. Many of the party grew weary and could no longer continue that day.