Welcome to Planet Moon (excerpt)

“How can we be certain that they are connected though?” Mark asked. “Why couldn’t the roach have used an exhaust vent that goes outside and reenter the complex through an airlock?” he asked jokingly, but with a serious expression.

“There’s a vacuum outside,” Max said. “They wouldn’t be able to withstand the lack of pressure.”

“Not necessarily. If they’re anything like the roaches I’ve heard about, then their exoskeleton provides quite a bit of protection room pressure changes. They might have adapted to low pressure, in which case,” Mark was interrupted by the main door sliding open. “they would be just fine in a vacuum for the most part, at least for a while. And the door opens.” He stood up and put away his tools. Carl, Cameron, and Wallace were leaning against the bus, and Philbert, Doug and a few of the warriors were standing close together away from the bus.

“Ah, finally you guys return,” spoke Wallace. “Philbert’s been lecturing me on why I should believe in his House Gods ever since he caught up with us.”

“How did you find us?” asked Max.

“We were wandering down some dark and bleak tunnel when we heard a great sound. We followed the sound to the main road, where we saw your bus traveling down at a great speed, with Carl and Cameron sitting inside. So we walked quickly after it, thinking that either they could give us a ride, or knew where you were, as well as a chance to spread the bliss of the House Gods,” Philbert answered in reply.

“So, what did you find in there?” asked Wallace.

“Have a look for yourself,” replied Max, as he led them back into the garden through the open main door.

Philbert and the warriors, including Carl and Cameron, were speechless. Wallace gazed up at the ceiling, and across the valley.

“This is one of the many greenhouses on the Moon,” he said. “I have never in my life been inside one, but I have seen pictures and heard of them from others. I must say, that the photos are rather inadequate now that I’ve seen one from the inside.”

“It is the promised land,” declared Philbert. “We have entered a sacred place where the spirits of our virtuous ancestors dwell. This is the home of the Gods!”

“What are those rings in the middle of the room?” asked Wallace.

“As far as we can tell, that’s a launching device for a ship that lies deeper in the ground,” Max answered.

“A ship? It must be in a state of disrepair, as all functional ships fled after the apocalypse,” Wallace said.

“We can repair it, as long as the damage is not too extensive in that case,” Mark answered confidently. After all, he was a ship’s chief engineer.