Welcome to Planet Moon (excerpt)

They turned back around and looked at the old man supplicating himself on the ground. Max turned to his brother as if about to ask a question, when Mark walked toward the man and attempted to speak with him.

“Hello, my name is Mark.”

The old man looked up, and then quickly stood up, bowing again. Extending his staff to the side in a gesture of welcome and wearing a relieved expression he loudly spoke: “Welcome to Planet Moon!”

Chapter Two

The old man addressed Mark and Max with an air of reverence.

“My name is Philbert, high priest of the House Gods of the Pak Tribe. I am deeply humbled by your presence,” Philbert spoke, eyes cast on the ground and with a stoop.

“I am Max. You’ve already met Mark,” the ruddy eyed captain spoke. “Tell us, Philbert, do you always express such fear and reverence towards visitors here?”

“There are no visitors that ever come from the land of the dead. Out past that door exist monsters. I had feared that you were two such demons coming to destroy us. But once you spoke, I remembered the prophecy uttered by the ancient ones telling of the eventual coming of guides sent by the gods to help us live justly and free from evil. You are these guides, for no mortal man may survive the land of the dead beyond the door from where you came. I am yours to command, benevolent ones,” Philbert spoke, bowing even lower this time, and laying his staff at Mark’ feet.

Mark picked up Philbert and set him back on his feet. “We survived the outside because we are wearing protective suits. We are here because our ship crashed a very long time ago, and we just woke up. Can you help us contact a rescue party?” Mark had began to grow agitated with the quasi divine status that Philbert seemed so intent on giving to Max and him.

“The gods work in mysterious ways, what makes you certain that they did not send you here giving you means to safely arrive at this place by using devices familiar to you, yet so very strange to me? Perhaps they did not intend you to know that you are the guides, merely that the followers believe it so.”

Mark began to retort, but Max cut him off. “That seems rather interesting, but we need to get help. Where are your radios or communication stations?” Max inquired.

“I know not of what you speak. We live by the grace of the House Gods alone. They give us food, fight back the darkness with their holy illumination of these corridors, and keep us warm and safe.”