Welcome to Planet Moon (excerpt)

“However, I did not believe him. So I quietly searched for more boxes like that one, but I have failed so far. Perhaps some lie deeper in the world, as is my hope, but this is as far as we are permitted to go,” Doug concluded. “We should start returning to the village. Ask Philbert of what we have discussed.”

They left the apartment the way they discovered it, in a mess. Whoever had left did so in a hurry. The walk back to the village gate through the large tunnel with rough floors was uneventful. The only living things treading down the corridor were the guards, Mark, Max and Doug.

Philbert had been anxiously awaiting their return.

Chapter Four

“Did you find anything of use?” Philbert asked, almost immediately after the return of Max and Mark.

“Unfortunately no,” Mark blatantly answered. “Although I have an idea,” he added suggestively.


“Well, Max and I think we should make an expedition deeper into this world.”

“Then deeper into planet Moon you shall dive. I will accompany you, as will some of the warriors of the tribe. Perhaps now is the time as well to travel deeper and show the mad people the light of reason. Perhaps some of them may yet be saved. See, I told you that you were the guides, sent here to show us the way. The way is not out of the madness, but back into it!” exclaimed Philbert, excited. “And Doug shall come as well to help spread the light,” Philbert added.

This announcement somewhat stunned Doug, but he tried hard not to show surprise. He will have to watch his back so that an “accident” does not befall him, he privately thought.

“An excellent idea, father,” Doug curtly replies.

“I shall go inform Chief Bill at once. He and I shall select the warriors that will accompany on us in our quest. Be prepared to leave in the morning after the miracle of the food drop,” Philbert decreed, as he quickly turned and walked away in search of Chief Bill somewhere else in the village. Cameron and Carl also wandered away.

“Well, that seems to have gone rather well,” remarked Mark.

“Yes, almost too well. I am somewhat fearful for my safety at his suggestion that I accompany the party,” Doug noted. “He might use this as an excuse to have me done away with in an ‘unfortunate accident.’” he solemnly ended.

“Don’t forget that we’ve got you’re back,” Mark said reassuringly.

“Still, we should all be watchful of each other,” Max added. “Come on, I think I just heard the evening gong, and I am rather hungry.”

Chapter Five

The ambient artificial light slowly oscillated though another cycle of day, the dimming brought in the night, followed by the arrival of the new day as the lights raised once again faithfully on time as always. A throng of otherwise unimportant and nameless villagers lined at the gate to bid the party farewell. At last the group was ready for departure, having gathered supplies and warriors for the journey. In all, close to a dozen individuals were prepared to wander outside of relative safety into the unknown depths of their world, unexplored by anyone from the Pak tribe for many generations.