Welcome to Planet Moon (excerpt)

After what seemed like years of traveling across the jagged land, they approached the building. As they drew neared, only then did they begin to comprehend its awesome size. It seemed to be several dozens of miles across in diameter, and what appeared to be vegetation could be seen through the transparent roof and side windows. However, no visible entrance to this colossus could be seen, even as they approached it going downhill. Its smooth walls rose to a tremendous height, and were unscaleable.

Touching helmets, since the radios were broken, Mark addressed his brother, “It would appear that there is no way in on this side, Max.”

In reply Max answered, “We could just cut one couldn’t we?”

“No! If there is an atmosphere in there, it would all rush out and we would be thrown. Not to mention anyone inside would probably be killed from explosive decompression. We should walk around, there’s bound to be a small service or utility airlock for a structure of this magnitude,” Mark suggested.

After another few hours of walking around the circumference, a small airlock was seen, although it was not attached to the colossal building. It appeared to go underground.

Signaling to his brother, Mark inspected the doorway. It appeared to be in working condition. Soon they were both inside the dark chamber and felt themselves being lowered into the ground a short distance. A Light turned on and illuminated the airlock elevator. The hiss of an atmosphere being reintroduced into the chamber lasted for a few moments, and the door opened.

Max and Mark looked down an empty but lit and recently used corridor. Not wanting to try the atmosphere before finding the inhabitants of this place kept them from removing their helmets. However communicating became easier for them. Now they only needed to speak loudly with helmets on to hear each other. The blue-gray hallway went one direction away from the lift and then split at two right angles leaving two possible paths, left and right.

“Do you suppose anyone is home?” Mark shouted to Max.

“Who knows. Let’s start walking though. Hopefully this isn’t an abandoned facility. Keep you suit on though, just in case the inhabitants aren’t friendly and we need to make a run for it.”

As they approached the fork in the hallway, they heard a voice to the left. The language spoken seemed to be very similar to what Max and Mark spoke, although there was a heavy accent and a lack of clear speaking at times. They cautiously and very slowly approached where the voice originated from, ready to run if need be.

A withered old man dressed in a motley of rags and leaves and carrying a staff walked into view from the side corridor. A guise of surprise was revealed in his face, as he suddenly looked very frightened and dropped to his knees and bowed. Max and Mark quickly turned around to look behind, afraid of imminent danger and possibly a gruesome death, to find absolutely nothing except for the airlock door.