Welcome to Planet Moon (excerpt)

They made contact for communication purposes once more.

“Where do you think they went?” Max asked.

“Probably behind that black rock at the end of the tunnel,” he said. Looking down, he thought that his air meter read that he was entering a dangerously low level. They would have to turn back now or he would asphyxiate by the time they would reach the compound again.

“We need to go back now, I am running low on air.”

Max looked down at Marks air gauge, and also at his. He thought that they were both at dangerously low levels and agreed.

“Same here. Just go and come back here later.”

They quickly started bounding back towards the underground compound entrance, hoping to arrive before their air ran out, which would cause them to suffocate and collapse in the land of the dead, with no chance of rescue.

Along the way, the memory of the incident with the roaches and the tunnel had been removed from their minds.

They arrived back at the airlock leading to somewhere near the garden superstructure. They still had plenty of air left, and in no danger of running out anytime soon, as they had though just a few moments ago. They could not recall why they had hurried to the airlock so quickly. The doors closed, and the compartment sank down into the ground, taking its passengers down into the Moon.

End of Excerpt

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