Welcome to Planet Moon (excerpt)

The guardsmen allowed the travelers to pass while some those of the village who chose to watch them leave waved them off. After the party passed through the gateway, the guards once again blocked the entrance. Chief Bill watched them leave and had mixed emotions at their going away. He felt that he should be among them, yet his place was with his tribe, whom he had to stay behind to defend from invaders that might choose to attack at any time.

Down many dark highways they traveled passing little of interest for a time. The roads upon which they traveled had grooves in the ground following the path of the main roadway. Faded lines in yellow and white and red traveled at distances from each other on the ground down the tunnels as the group cautiously wandered into the depths.

After miles of walking down into the world, passing closed doors to abandoned living quarters, they came to a series of paths branching from the main road. Many of these tunnels had doors to unfamiliar chambers. The ambient lighting of the road remained constant, and did not change in intensity like the light in the village cavern.

“We travel for miles and for a long time, yet the lights here burn brightly,” commented a warrior. “The lights normally have dimmed by this time.”

“I had thought something was strange about this place,” remarked Philbert, who had assumed leadership of the party. “We shall see what lies beyond those far doors, and take our rest if it is safe there.”

The tired group did not argue, and followed him to the nearest set of doors. Two strong warriors forced them open, and inside was only darkness, except for the light from the road tunnel that streamed in casting shadows in an otherwise empty sizeable chamber. Two warriors went in cautiously at first. Three steps into the dwelling, the room unexpectedly filled with a surge of bright light. They were momentarily startled, but discovered the dwelling to be completely deserted, void of life as well as furnishings other than the bare regular items, couches, chairs and bunks in the back room.

“We’ll spend the night here,” Philbert said with authority. “The warriors will take the front room and we’ll rotate watch.”

“I don’t like this place,” Mark commented. “No back door. We’re cornered here.”

“It is either here out of the open or in the streets. I prefer to not stay in the streets. Here we can at least defend ourselves.”

“Not if we’re trapped here for long, our supplies aren’t infinite you know,” Mark said sourly.

“Lets see who else favors your opinion of finding somewhere else to stay. Everyone who wants to not stay here, raise your hand.”