Welcome to Planet Moon (excerpt)

“It looks like it won’t be able to get through the grates, it’s far too big.”

The bug gave up looking at the vent and started to wander away down the shaft, leaving Mark and Philbert at ease.

“It’s gone, for now. We should tell the others of this tomorrow, when they wake,” said Philbert.

Philbert went back to sleep, leaving Mark alone with his thoughts. Was that noise he heard outside that bug he had just seen in the air ducts? Perhaps the bug sought to find a way into their temporary abode for some purpose. He was somewhat afraid that the bug would continue to stalk them along their journey. What if the noise in the hall was another bug? He hadn’t thought about that before. Perhaps there were many of these strange creatures deeper within planet Moon, waiting for a lapse in their vigilance.

Mark’s mind wandered back to thoughts of lost memories that were illuming him. Memories forgotten after being thawed from the deep freeze. He wondered if he would ever remember the name of the ship or anything else that would be useful to him. The lost memories worried him, he felt as though a part of him were missing, but he is unable to know what part is missing. After contemplating it for several minutes, and nothing but frustration as the end product, Mark finally slipped into a sleep. He did not notice the bug coming back and feeling around inside the shaft, nor did he notice when it left again.

The rest of the night was quiet. No more noises in the hall or bumps in the dark. The bug did not return to the grate again, nor was the shuffling again heard down the hall out past the door. The party lay sleeping, except for those on watch, who were struggling to stay away through their otherwise dull shifts.

Chapter Six

The continuous light remained bright in the road tunnels. The only indication that it was morning came from inside the apartment connected to an access path connected to the road tunnel. The party stirred and food was prepared. The incident with the bug was relayed to all members of the expedition, and they grew somewhat alarmed. Being mostly warriors, they did not show their disgust at the mention of such foul creatures. A few felt like this journey would yield nothing, and wanted to turn back, however said nothing.

The apartment was abandoned and the travelers began down the long road once again deeper into planet Moon. The road remained the same, however the existence of side tunnels and doors became less and less apparent as they continued that day.